Working with differently abled children


The children with disabilities are an integral part of society, yet their special needs are often overlooked. With an aim to develop confidence amongst these children, while providing them with wholesome entertainment, Seagull has been providing training and organizing performances on a voluntary basis with the children of some organisations for the past few years.

The Programmes are tailor-made to suit the special needs and capacities of these children. Under the guidance of Bhagirathi, some artistes of Seagull are also involved in producing plays with the children of Shishu Sarothi on various themes.

Some of their Productions are:

  • The Nature

Directed by Baharul Islam

  • Costumwala

Script: Baharul Islam

Direction: Bhagirathi

  • Godzilla and His Three brothers

Script: Baharul Islam

Direction: Jyoti Narayan Nath

  • Kola Kawrir Gaan

Script: Murthy De Raje (in Kannada)

Translation and Direction: Bhagirathi

  • Sialor Biya

   Script: Sirajul Haque

 Direction: Bhagirathi

  • Buddhuram

Director:  Bhagirathi

  • Alibaba aru 40 Chor

Director:  Bhagirathi

Bhagirathi has been awarded a two-year Fellowship (junior + senior) by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Govt. of India for working with these children through the medium of theatre.

In order to build a friendly relationship between the normal children and differently abled children Bhagirathi has been conducting regular classes for them and also produced two plays: BUDDHURAM and BOBAR HONTAAN. Both the plays were performed in Jashne Bachpan International Children Festival organized by National School of Drama in New Delhi.