In an endeavor to bring the joys of theatre to a wide audience, the Seagull Repertory Company has been performing plays on a regular basis, both within Assam and outside. From the moment an idea is conceived to the final stage of its timely and aesthetic presentation, the Company makes a constant effort to achieve a high degree of professional excellence.

                 Seagull regularly stages self-designed plays. It has also participated in a number of National Theatre Festivals including Sangeet Natak Akademi-New Delhi Swarn Rang, Hyderabad, Guwahati and Bhubneswar, Nandikar-Kolkata, Bharat Rang Mahotsav-New Delhi, Prithvi-Mumbai, Rangayana- Mysore, Theatre Utsav-Banglore, Bahubhashi National Theatre Festival-Bhopal, P D A Festival-Pune, Nehru Center-Mumbai, Raktakarabi-Kolkata, Kerala S N A etc. where original Assamese plays have been presented in an attempt to give a feel of Assamese theatre to the National audience. This has enabled Assamese plays to carve a niche for itself at the national level.

Moreover in the entire Northeast, Seagull is the only repertory company that has produced plays in Hindi language on a regular basis. Abhimanyu,Gaandhari ka abhishaap, Shakuntala, Leheron ke raajhans, Hansini, Kamladevi are worth mentioning.

Seagull Repertory produced many plays :

  • Urukha

Script: Karuna Deka

Direction: Baharul Islam

  • Guwahati Guwahati

Script: Mahendra Borthakur

Direction: Baharul Islam

# The play was produced in association with Ratan Lahkar’s Kohinoor Theatre.

  • Abhimoinyu

Script: Karuna Deka

Direction: Baharul Islam

  • Jibon Iyat Aru Tat

Original Hindi story: Nirmal Verma

Dramatization and Direction: Anup Hazarika

  • Kit

Script: Shyama Prasad Sharma

Direction: Baharul Islam

  • Rocket

Script and Direction: Karuna Deka

  • Gandhari ka Abhishap

Solo performance in Hindi by Bhagirathi

  • Aharar Edin

(Ashad Ka Ek Din)

Script: Mohan Rakesh

Translation and direction: Anup Hazarika

  • Antigone

Script: Sophocles

Translation: Prafulla Dutta Goswami

Direction: Bhagirathi

  • Rupalim

Script: Jyoti Prasad Agarwala

Direction: Prabin Saikia

  • Parashuram

Script: Arun Sharma

Direction: Parag Sharma

  • Saraighat

Script: Karuna Deka

Direction: Baharul Islam

  •  Shakuntala ke sath ek aparahana

Script: Vaidehi

Direction: K V Subbanna

Solo performance by Bhagirathi

  • Miss Julie

Script: Strindburg

Direction: Baharul Islam

  • Subha Bibah

     (The marriage proposal)

 Script: Anton Chekhov

Direction: Jyoti Narayan Nath

  • Buddhuram

Script: B V Karanth (in Kannada)

Translation: Karuna Deka and Bhagirathi

Direction: Bhagirathi

  • Ram Shyam Jadu

Script: Badal Sircar

Translation: Nayan Prasad

Direction: Baharul Islam

  • Gadha Nritya

(Samba siba Prahasana)

Original Kannada script: Chander sekhar Kamber

Translation: Karuna Deka and Bhagirathi

Direction: Bhagirathi

  • Court Martial

Script: Swadesh Deepak

Translation: Nayan Prasad

Direction: Baharul Islam

  • Jatra

Story: Imran Hussain

Script and Direction: Baharul slam

  • Simar Sipare

(Beyond the obvious)

Script and Direction: Baharul Islam
  • Moi Premar Pinjarat Bandi (2005)

Script:  Late Bipula Nanda Choudhury

Direction: Baharul Islam

23) Apeksha (2006)

Story: Dr. Mamoni Goswami from the novel

Dotal hatir wooye khowa houda

Script and direction: Baharul Islam

24) Merchant of Venice (2005)

Script: Shakespeare

Direction: Bhagirathi

25) Anubhabar Upalapdhi (2006)

Solo by Antara G G Choudhury

Story: Manikuntala   Bhattacharya

Direction: Bhagirathi

In association with theatre troupe Barnam, Guwahati.

26) Dhan Sadhan Bukur dhan (2005)

Story: Syed Abdul Malik

Direction: Shankar Jyoti Rajkhowa

27) Dibrugarat adin (2006)

Direction: Sankar Jyoti Rajkhowa

28) Ghasiram Kotwal (2006)

Script: Vijay Tendulkar

Direction: Bhagirathi

# It was a joint venture with Handique girl’s college, Guwahati and

Girls enacted all character of the play.

  1.  Madhyabartini– a play based on Tagore’s short story Directed By BAHARUL ISLAM
  1. Akash (in Assamese): a play on Bhabendra Nath Saikia’s short story by BAHARUL ISLAM
  1. Lehron ke Rajhans ( In Hindi): Mohon Rakesh’s play directed by BHAGIRATHI
  1. Agni Aur barkha:  a play By Girish Karnad directed by BHAGIRATHI and BAHARUL ISLAM
  1. Five Tons of Love ( In Hindi): it’s an adaptation of Anton Chekhov’s THE SEAGULL directed by BAHARUL ISLAM.
  1. The Lesson: Eugene Ionesco’s play, directed by BHAGIRATHI
  1. Apeksha (in Hindi): based on Dr. Mamoni Raisam Goswami’s novel DOTAL HATIR WOOYE KHOWA HAODA  Scripted and directed by BAHARUL ISLAM.
  1. Akash (in Hindi)

   37 .Green Serpent: basesd on Dr. Dhruba Jyoti Bora s short story directed by BAHARUL ISLAM

  1. Hattamelar Hipare a play by Badal Sarkar, direction BAHARUL ISLAM
  2.  Hansini: by Chekhov directed by Baharul Islam
  1. Rhinoceros: Eugene Ionesko’s play directed by Baharul Islam

    41) Kamladevi– directed by Bhagirathi

     And  many more


The troupe has participated in many festivals in different places in the country with their play productions including-

  1. Nandikar Festival-Kolkata
  2. Bharat Rang Mahotsav- organized by NSD, New Delhi.
  3. Prthvi Festval – Mumbai
  4. Rangyana Karnataka’s Bahurupi Festival, Mysore
  5. Sangeet Natak Academy’s Festival- Guwahati, Delhi, Hyderabad etc.
  6. Eastern Zone Cultural Center’s Festival
  7. Kalyani South Asia Theatre Festival
  8. Siliguri Festival
  9. Ninasam Karnataka
  10. All India women Theatre Festival-Kolkata
  11. Nehru Center’s National Theatre Festival-Mumbai
  12. Qadir ali baig theatre festival Hyderabad
  13. Rang Mahol Begusarai

And many more .