GARH- Rhinoceros

GARH -Rhinoceros


Eugene Ionesco’s Rhinoceros is a captivating, critically acclaimed commentary on what is absurd about human nature. Like the abstract artists of the early 20th century, Ionesco abstracts reality to comedic and terrifying effect. His unusual language, stylized structure, and grand symbolism define the writer’s place as the premiere playwright in what is known as the Theater of the Absurd.

From the opening scene, Ionesco asks how humans determine (or ought to determine) our self-worth. Is it from appearances, as Jean would convince Berenger? Or is it from something greater, something more complex and courageous, something that Berenger finally discovers? In his final line–“I will not capitulate!”–Berenger comes fully into his own and accepts that what matters most is not on the outside but what lies within. That is, any lasting sense of human self-worth arises from what makes us most human: our reasoned courage to follow through on our ethical principles in the face of changing circumstances.

Director’s Note

An Absurdly comic, philosophical play RHINOCEROS by Ionesco and the theme is will and responsibility; absurdity and logic; fascism

As it is a play, there is no distinct point of view, but the audience sides with Berenger, the only person who sees through the rhinoceroses. However, Ionesco has the rhinoceroses grow more beautiful by the end to represent the changing perceptions of the remaining humans (such as Daisy), a fact that the audience cannot ignore.

The protagonist-Bourgeois alienation; escapism; harm/violence.  There is no falling action; the curtain closes on Berenger’s climactic decision

The climax is delivered in the final line of the play, when Berenger decides to fight the rhinoceroses.

This play production is my own exploring way of modern scenario through the script to relief from my suffocation.

Baharul Islam



Baharul Islam

Bhaskar tamuly

Shirumoni Bhuyan

Meghali kalita

Birinchi Kumar Gogoi

Barkha Bahar

Ankur Kalita

Rituparna Gogoi

Purnima Khanikar

Chayanika Borah

Pranjal Chutia

Krishna Kalyani

Briti Rekha Bora

Kamal Prakashya kalita

Mridusmita Das

Rupam das

Manoj kashyap

Mrinmoyee Mamota



Script: Eugene Ionesco

Assamese Translation: Ajit Baruah

Script Editing: Karuna Deka

Music- Rajib Medhi

Mask making : Jojo

Set execution : Diboshjyoti, Geetartha, Ankur kalita, Shirumoni and Pranjal Chutia.

Singer- Manoj Kashyap and Mrinmoyee Mamota

Costume, Design and Direction- Baharul Islam


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