The girl between A Realistic Play in HINDI

Duration 1 hour and 20 mints

Design & Direction: BAHARUL ISLAM
Associate director: Bhagirathi
Production: Seagull Theatre
Guwahati, Assam, INDIA
The play Premiered in the RABINDRA UTSAV
 On 13th September 2008 in Kolkata

About the play


Madhyabartini, a classic story of Rabindra Nath Tagore is in fact an instinctive expression of one man and two women about love in marital life.

NIVARAN and HARASUNDARI have been leaving as husband and wife without extension of the life.  One day Harasundari makes a strange request to Nivaran that he should go for another marriage with a young girl SAILOBALA.After repeated insistences, Nivaran has finally agreed.Young bride Sailobala enters into Nivaran’s house.Nivaran starts getting taste of Love.Harasundari feels deprived as if somewhere she has been betrayed.At the age of forty plus Nivaran receives freshness of life, because of Sailobala.On the other side, Sailobala feels suffocated out of Nivaran’s over whelming love.  It’s a triangular story of love and pain.At last, pregnant Sailobala dies.Again, after a long interval, Nivaran and Harasundari go to the bed, but because of psychological presence of one woman they could not sleep together.An undesired woman starts crying in between them and she is MADHYABARTINI.

Synopsis of the play


Madhyabartini-the girl between

Of Tagore is infecting an excellent chapter of human desire to sense of liberty.

 While HARASUNDARI expresses a unique kind of instinct to free herself from the age-old psychology of woman:

No room for another woman in the life of one’s husband….

 SAILOBALA has totally suffocated

With the over whelming love and affection

From her husband NIBARAN.

 SAILOBALA quests for psychological freedom or relaxation

From the relentless pressure of love…The play depicts few other issues relating to man woman relationship too…

 But mainly it carries a complex consciousness towards

Woman liberty.


I know nothing

To explore Tagore

Because I read Tagore a little bit.

 But I can say If anyone read Tagore

His or her perspective in the life changes.

We all knowTime keeps changing.

With time changes society, psyche of the individual.

 But I feel-The characters, situations, conflicts, dilemma


Are still relevant.

 Secondly, I am a student of Theatre.

So, my play production tries to

Discover the complexities of the situations in the story

After a careful understanding of the same

by the production team. 

 Experiencing all character’s psychology-

Their dream




Freedom etc.

That’s why

It’s my searching-

Regarding a free lancer,

Regarding own journey.


 For the play production MADHYABARTINI

On stage

Artist: character

 Bhagirathi: Harasundari

Baharul Islam: Nivaran

Kismat Bano: Sailobala

Chandan Deka: Ramlochan, the honor of Dhulia party

Pallabi: Stree 1

Kalyani: Stree 2

Rajashree: Stree 3

Meghali: stree 4

Bimal: Assistant of Ramlochan

Kokil: Assistant of Ramlochan

 Dibosh: Dhulia

Saif: Dhulia

Dinesh: Dhulia

Pranab: Dhulia

Partha: Dhulia

Off stage

Original story: Rabindra Nath Tagore

Dramatization: Naren Patgiri

Costume design: Bhagirathi

Light designing: Bhagirathi

Light operation: Rajiv

Choreography: Gunakar Dev Goswami and Bhagirathi

Production Manager: Dinesh Kakati

Property: Akan Das

Music system operation: Dinesh Kakati

Associate director: Bhagirathi

Music, set, design and Direction: Baharul Islam






© Baharul Islam seagull Theatre Assam, Designed By (Nazir [email protected])

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