Seagull has a vision of spreading knowledge and information about theatre. It was felt that in addition to production and performances, there should be an academic and intellectual input to the theatre movementAs such, in 1995 Seagull started the publication of Imukh, a theatre journal in Assamese. The journal was edited by Baharul Islam and published under the banner of Seagull’s own publication wing—Aji Prokashon. Owing to certain unavoidable circumstances, the publication of the journal has been temporarily suspended.

Books published by Seagull are as follows:

Published books

Akaanta Monere-a compilation of essay on Theatre


Urukha– A play


Buddhuram– A play for ChildrenBy BHAGIRATHI

Pinjorar Vidyalaya– A kannad play for Children by B V Karanth and

Translated By BHAGIRATHI

KHIRIKI KHULIYEI – it’s a collection of 2 plays Chekhov’s SEAGULL and Ionesko’s THE LESSON.Translation: Baharul Islam

Simar Sipare

An Assamese play by Baharul Islam

Beyond The Obvious: a play  by Baharul Islam

2. Organizing Theatre Festival


In an attempt to bring the best of national and international theatre productions to local viewers, Seagull has organized several Theatre festivals in Assam. These Festivals have been graced by eminent theatre personalities like Rudra Prasad Sengupta, Usha Ganguli, Late H.Kanhailal, Anamika Haksar, Devendra Raj Ankur etc. who along with their troupes have enthralled audiences with their brilliant productions and performances.

3.  Studio Theatre


Seagull, since its inception, has been committed to staging qualitative play-productions for the theatre enthusiasts of Assam. However in the course of our experience, we have sometimes faced space and infrastructural constraints. As a humble initiative to address this lacuna, the Seagull Studio Theatre is being inaugurated on April 10, 2005. With a seating capacity of 150, a Green Room, light and sound equipments, this auditorium has been constructed to make theatre performance and viewing a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

4.    Working space
Seagull has its own space for practicing theatre regularly-
  1. Class rooms for Academy
  2. Rehearsal Hall
  3. An open air Theatre
  4. Seagull Studio theatre
  5. Library
  6. Dormitory